Equipments for check bank-note UV


MOD. SOLDI 150                               MOD. SOLDI 120

MOD. Soldi 150

UV- and whitelight detector

The detector Soldi 150 checks both the UV and white light features of banknotes.
The sole verification of UV features is no longer sufficient for a protection against counterfeit money.
The model Soldi 150 has a 9 watt white light lamp to help check other security features, for example, the watermark.
The wide opening of this device allows a fast and discreet detection of counterfeit banknotes.

MOD. Soldi 120

UV detector

The Soldi 120 checks the UV features of banknotes fast and easy.
The high-performance 9 watt UV lamp makes the UV features of banknotes and documents visible.

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