SW Series multifunction weight indicator stainless steel double display legal for rent

Indicatore digitale di peso in Acciaio Inox doppio display Omologato Metrico Mod. SW



Weight indicator with AISI304 stainless steel covering, with red led display h. 20 mm and waterproof keyboard (8 keys + ON/OFF for SW21 and 20 keys + ON/OFF for SW22).
The 24 bit A/D converter (16.777.216 internal resolution points) with two channels give the possibility to directly connect two weighing platforms with a maximum displaying resolution of 60.000 div.
The weight indicators SW21 and SW22 are CE Approved with a maximum of 10.000 div. or two or three 6000 div. ranges

Selectable modes

• Totalization
• Partial Zeroing weighing
• Piece counting (only for SW22)
• Checkweigher
• Download weighing (only for SW22)
• Peak function
• Animal weighing
• Weigh Bridge function

MultiTare function with Tare Archive and multiplying factor and alarm function with association between an event (weigh value, n° items value ….) and an acoustic and visual alarm are active on SW22 weight indicator.

I/O Section
  •  N° 2 Serial Output RS232 for PC connection, external printers, roll internal printer, label printer, weight repeater.

• Ethernet device with connection RJ45 or Wi-Fi
• USB device for Pen Drive or printer
• I/O card with 4 Relè Output and 2 digital Input
• Selectable Analog output (0-5 V ; 0-10 V ; 0-20 mA ; 4-20 mA)
• Fiscal Memory card for memorization of weighing operations
• Internal rechargeable battery
• External push-button or remote control for remote command
• Thermal roll printer Mod. PLUS in stainless steel covering


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